What is Collavate?


Collavate™ is a cloud-based document management suite that focuses on efficient documentation management and publishing approval workflow. The application provides many features and a seamless workflow process specialized to facilitate your drafting, collaborative reviewing, editing, and finalization of documents.


Main Features & Values

Driving Innovation, Collaboration, and Workflow

Clever approval process can save time and promote team creativity. Teams will be able to quickly share ideas, work on centralized documents, and improve outcomes when processing documents and files through Collavate. Effective communication within company wall page greatly facilitates finalization of outcomes.

Perfect for Publishing Sites

Whether users are writing news articles, journals, or blogs, Collavate is the perfect solution to automating your workflow. The publishing approval workflow enables writers, editors, subject-matter experts, and stakeholders to all review and engage in work that is in-processing for approval. With notifications and assignment dates, better outcomes are produced and productivity is increased.

Centralized, Secure Document Control

All documents and files in a user’s Google Drive storage become centralized in the Document Manager. Each document is numbered and tracked, reducing the hassle of worrying about misplacing important documents. Track records of approval review processes are also available.

Time Efficient

Your time is important, therefore we have features to enable users to utilize to skip ahead to work focus on work that actually matters. With Personal Templates and Shared Templates within your company, you will be able to get start drafts immediately. The Tagging feature is also the perfect tool to search keywords and quickly find documents you are looking for.

Start Collavating with Google

Connect to Collavate from anywhere in Google.

Latest Updates & User Tips

Collavate in the World

COLLAVATE is trusted by businesses, government organizations, nonprofits and educational institutions worldwide.

As of 2016, 7,000+ BUSINESSES are using COLLAVATE to drive collaboration.

Collavate allow executives to electronically approve things like purchase reqests, expense reports, timesheets, etc.
— Wongu University
The most valuable outcome is that we can now collaborate horizontally rather than in vertical silos, making it easier for different groups to work together toward shared goals.
— TK Lee, MS Autotech
Collavate allows users to open a shared template with a cell locking feature to ensure spreadsheet integrity and makes it easy for user input.
— Dave A., Youth Unlimited