What is Collavate?


Collavate™ is cloud-based document management suite that focuses on efficient workflow management and approval processes, document ownership control, and document classification. 


Main Features & Values

Driving Innovation, Idea’s and Speedy Approvals

Clever approval process saves time and encourages team creativity. The days of long approvals processes are over. The team will be able to quickly share ideas, comment, and improve outcomes while easily submitting documents and files through Collavate.

Find Documents Fast and Save Time

Tagging is the right tool to search keywords and find documents fast. With increase in number of documents, it becomes harder to find the right ones. Tag your documents and files with specific keywords in Collavate, and find your desired documents with just a click.

Centralized, Secure Document Control

Manage workflows with fully automated centralization process. Every document and file in the individual Google Drive storage gets centralized in the document manager. Each document is numbered and tracked, which reduces hassle of worrying about losing important documents.  

True Collaborative Team Working

Work together on the same document anywhere at the same time. Collavate, which supports a range of devices and OS, provides a place where people can work together on the same document at the same time. No matter where you are, documents and files in the cloud are always at your hand.

Start Collavating with Google

Connect to Collavate from anywhere in Google.

Latest Updates & User Tips

Collavate in the World

COLLAVATE is trusted by businesses, government organizations, and schools in the world.

As of 2015, 5,000+ BUSINESS are using COLLAVATE to drive collaboration with teammates.

Collavate allow executives to electronically approve things like purchase reqests, expense reports, timesheets, etc.
— Victor Ung, CIO Wongu University
The most valuable outcome is that we can now collaborate horizontally rather than in vertical silos, making it easier for different groups to work together toward shared goals.
— TK Lee CEO, MS Autotech
Collavate allows for me to utilize Google Drive/Docs in a way that not only competes but exceeds all other cloud-based and desktop word publishing environments.
— Todd L. B. epiKloud