about collavate

"collaborate + innovate"

Collavate™ brings together “Collaboration” and “Innovation” on an Enterprise Social Networking platform with a workflow approval solution. This productivity application functions to redefine your team workplace for real-time workflow collaboration. Collavate is notable for being a unique Enterprise Social Networking app combined with an Approval Workflow Management process loaded with features to increase team communication and business productivity. Its integration with Google Drive allows organizations to streamline approval workflows and effectively carry out operations with data security.

Collavate™ is a cloud-based document management application that integrates with Google Drive. Your organization’s operations, data, and full information is safely stored within your Google Drive. It is never stored on Collavate’s server, ensuring users a secure workspace for collaboration. Confidently operate knowing your data remains in your Google Drive cloud. Teamwork and workflows go hand-in-hand, therefore our application functions as an Enterprise Social Networking app combined with an approval workflow process. Enterprise Social Network applications have quickly gained momentum for Businesses and Enterprises because they are specifically designed and loaded with features to facilitate Business operations and team collaboration. Increase your business productivity and innovative teamwork today with an Enterprise Social Network app!

Here’s why our application is unique in comparison to other Enterprise Social Network applications. Team collaboration features on the Collavate™ social network platform includes: posting ideas, tagging colleagues, commenting, file sharing, notifications, a starred posts list, and a personalized Home feed to display work activity of files relevant to the user. Workflow processes that the user is involved in can be viewed from the Home feed making work activity easy to keep track of. Additional users can be tagged within the comments of a workflow post to receive a notification to view the workflow process and provide input without directly being an approval reviewer. The workflow process handles all stages of documentation approval from creation to publication, essentially managing the whole content lifecycle. Multiple files can be processed together, making it easy for one or several documents to move from the originator, to parallel approval, serial approval, and then final approval to move documents to the end goal. Documents that complete the workflow process come with audit trails to provide records stating decisions of document reviewers and editors with timestamps.


With all the features the Collavate™ provides, the Enterprise Social Network application encourages real-time collaboration and innovation for users. Control and security are other factors that are vital to organizations for successful operations. For organization administrative control, Collavate™ automates the transfer of document ownership of processed workflow files in a domain for centralized safekeeping of files that enter the workflow. A domain administrator can track all document revision histories and activity.

These safety measures optimizes your use of information assets and helps an organization protect those assets in the Cloud. An administrator can also set a designated Google Drive folder to be the secure workspace folder to appear on the My Drive menu in Collavate for domain users. A secure workspace folder can include files and spreadsheets necessary for daily tasks and reference. If no specific Google Drive folder is set up to be the workspace folder, the individual user’s personal Google Drive files appear instead. Administrators can also set Shared Templates and Shared Tags to be available for use to all users for default or centralized use. Domains can have the control they need for data security while also allowing users to create personal templates and tags for individual leeway for work purposes.