The ISO 9001 auditor was impressed with our use of Collavate as a tool to manage our documentation. This was a key requirement to achieve the certification!
— Adam Kunzman, President, Keynote Photonics
COLLAVATE allows me to utilize Google Drive/Docs in a way that not only competes with but exceeds all other cloud-based and desktop word publishing environments.
— Todd L. B. epiKloud
With the connection to the internet, our global office can submit documents for approval with just a few clicks. The easy system where our local employees can use allows for faster and more efficient work
— ThePromise
The most valuable outcome is that we can now collaborate horizontally rather than in vertical silos, making it easier for different groups to work together toward shared goals.
— TK Lee, CEO at MS Autotech
COLLAVATE allows executives to electronically approve things such as purchase requests, expense reports, timesheets, etc.
— Victor Ung, CIO Wongu University
“Easy enough!”
— Aaron D. Captevrix, LLC