Collavate FAQs

Q1. What is Collavate?

  • Collavate™ is a productivity application that redefines your team workplace for real-time workflow collaboration. Collavate™ is an Enterprise Social Networking app combined with an Approval Workflow Management process loaded with features to increase team communication and business productivity. Its integration with Google Drive allows organizations to streamline approval workflows and effectively carry out operations.

  • Collavate™ is 100% based on Google Drive.  Collavate™ specializes in Enterprise Social Networking, Publishing Approval Processes, Document Centralization, and Tagging


Q2. What is the difference between the single user version (Single), and the business users version (Business/Enterprise)?

  • Single and Business/Enterprise users can both use the main functions of Collavate like group messaging, publishing approval workflow, and tagging.

  • Business/Enterprise users can also enjoy the following additional features: 99.98% guaranteed up-time, customer support, enterprise social networking, document centralization, shared template and shared tags.

→ Learn more at: Collavate Version Details


Q3. Is Google Apps for Work essential?

  • Single Users: Single users can start using Collavate by logging in through their Gmail accounts.  Google Apps for Work is not necessary, but they will not have access to all of Collavate’s features.
  • Business/Enterprise Users: To use all of Collavate’s great features, such as group messaging, shared templates, shared tags and others (such as the organization tree) that are geared towards organizations, you will need to have any of the followings Google Apps versions:

→ If your organization uses the Legacy free edition of Google Apps, the ownership of files that are not in Google format (Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentation) cannot be transferred to a document manager (Learn more).

Q4. I've been using the Single free edition but after I install the Business edition, I still do not see the 'Admin' menu. I'm a super admin of my Google Apps domain. 

Q5. I need to work on a confidential document with an outside partner. Can some users use Gmail accounts instead of Google Apps Account?

  • Yes. If you use Collavate’s Remote Drive function, you can invite Gmail users to your organization’s domain. All the documents created by an outside user within the domain are saved in the Document Manager’s folder, and people can utilize the Approval Process in the same way as Google Apps users. Most importantly, however, is the fact that ownership of the created document is retained by the organization and not the outside partner.

  • The Remote Drive function enables you to invite partners or customers and centralize the documents created by these people.

Q6. How do we purchase Google Apps for Work?

  • Google Apps can be purchased from Netkiller, a Google Apps for Work reseller and a partner of Collavate.

Q7. Where are Collavate’s documents saved? Could there be any security issues?

Q8. I tried to login Collavate and it asks me to grant access of my google services. I'm afraid of sharing my data and security concern.

  • When you grant data access to Collavate, then Colllavate has API access to specific data like your Calendar and Contacts. Collavate is able to view and utilize that data, but is not able to store any of your data. Collavate just leverages your Google Drive and Google Docs. All of your data is safely saved in Google Cloud Platform.

  • For example, if you look at Grant Access detail page, the option to manage contacts in the Marketplace app is only to synchronize the contacts of your account and be able to utilize the information but not to have access to the details, change passwords or download the contacts list.

  • Collavate operates on top of Google Drive using Google App Engine which boasts SSAE 16 Type II & ISAE 3402 Type II security.

Q9. Is there a limit to the number of users?

  • There is no minimum requirement or maximum cap to the number of users in Collavate. The number of users is only limited to by the number of Google Apps for Work accounts that you have.

Q10.  How do I apply for Collavate Business Edition?

  • If you are purchasing only Collavate, you can get the Business Edition by using the License Center on the upper left screen. If you want to implement Google Apps for Work with Collavate, please contact Netkiller, a Google Apps for Work reseller and a partner of Collavate.

Q11.  Can my reviewers add additional approvers?

  • Yes, for convenience and efficiency, your current active reviewers in the approval process may add additional reviewers to satisfy the requirements of the approval process of the document that is up for approval.

Q12.  How can I post onto my publishing site from Collavate?

  • Within your settings you can enable the feature to post to your website or blog location. When directly publishing to your website, the finalized work will be redirected and routed to post onto your webpage.

Q13.  If my document was rejected in the approval process, how do I reprocess it for the approval process again?

  • Not all documents will perfect and some need further revisions and developing. It is easy to reprocess and this feature is here to allow creator of drafts to have more time to revise and make changes before officially publishing if it does not make it to finalization the first time. Make changes to your document as needed and simply select “Reprocess” once your document is ready and it will quickly be in the reviewal process again for editing and approval.

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