Join our partner program to earn commission
and help thousands of businesses like yours grow!

How does it work?

As a Collavate channel partner, you will receive various benefits such as exclusive discounts, rewards, and early access as beta tester to new features and plans. Recommend Collavate to your friends, clients, and partners to earn recurring revenue for prospects that purchase Collavate.

Simply sign up on the form located to the right and we’ll provide you more information on our partner program! You can choose to work with us to assist with closing an opportunity or leave it up to us to close the deal with those you have recommended Collavate to.

How it benefits you?

You will receive recurring revenue for referred clients new to our service, and also when referred clients renew their Collavate plans.

Who are we looking for?

This partner program is ideal for those currently using Collavate and are passionate about enhancing collaboration. If you or your organization have found beneficial use in Collavate, we would love for you to recommend us, and in turn we will make sure to thank you by providing you a portion of those commissions.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up for the Collavate Partner Program by filling out the form on the right

  2. Setup a call to better understand about the business and product

  3. Recommend Collavate to anyone that can benefit from our workflow collaboration platform!

  4. Get partner discount or rebate, and close the deal

  5. You will continue to get margins upon client’s plan renewal


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